POS Systems Sydney

POS Systems in Sydney

POSiSales is a fully fledged sales and transaction management system that’s designed to cut down the time and cost of setting up and running complex point of sale software.

POSiSales is an innovative point of sale software on Apple iPad that relegates computer-based POS systems into the unnecessary, over-complicated basket.

POSiSales is an application for iPad that works in tandem with a wireless router and a Star Micronics receipt printer and separate cash drawer, or with a Star Micronics mPOP receipt printer with built-in cash drawer connected via Bluetooth.

This mPOP compact setup takes up less space than a separate printer, cash drawer and wireless router, but you can’t add additional printers.
A Tyro or Mint EFTPOS device is integrated in the POSiSales app for accepting payment via credit cards or cash.


Point of Sale Software Sydney

Small businesses have been renting or leasing POS systems for a long time, and they are forced to pay monthly contractual fees. Our POSiSales point of sale software is designed to address concerns like these, taking a significant expense off your monthly overheads bill and providing and asset for your business.

POSiSales is easy to set up and use. Anyone can be trained in a few minutes to operate this modern POS virtue of technology.


Features of POS Systems


  • Fractional quantity capability
  • Allows customers to split bills
  • Cash flow tracking
  • Export Reports to Dropbox right away
  • Customisable to meet your operations
  • Till Reconciliation is included
  • Record work hours and sent as a CSV report to Dropbox
  • Works over a private network; no Internet needed
  • Import of stock code, description, cost and prices via spreadsheet to facilitate easy and fast changes to inventory
  • Integrated mobile Zebra battery powered receipt printer to print invoices via Bluetooth
  • One-time payment; no monthly contract fees
  • You can print to multiple receipt printers when using a separate modem router, receipt printer and cash drawer