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Weighed down by out-dated POS?

Lighten your load and increase your bottom line with contract-free POS on iPad

No matter what your business is – a restaurant, a café, a club or a gallery – a robust Point of Sale (POS) system can be quite handy. After all, POS helps you maintain your inventory, customise orders, organise your invoices, and even print receipts on the go. In a nutshell, POS boosts the efficiency of your operations, sales and admin teams to cater for your customers just the way they like it.

And you, the owner, saves the monthly fees and commissions other POS providers charge, in perpetuity, because our POSiSales app is contract-free, drive away, no more to pay.

Moreover, an outdated cash register or POS system can make business painfully slower and cumbersome that also hinders customer satisfaction.
Why persevere when you can simply upgrade to POSiSales on an iPad that’s built on the KISS principle, and helps run your business better?

POSiSales App for iPad

Considering an upgrade to the way you do business? Check out the features of our easy to install and even easier to use app for iPad. POSiSales will simplify your retail operations and make it more cost-effective, saving you, on average, contract fees of $70 to $100 per month that other POS companies charge.

And POSiSales can address multiple Star Micronics printers wirelessly (e.g. stockroom, reception, kitchen, bar, take-way area, wait area with ticket requirement) or you can print to an individual Bluetooth printer, even one that features both a printer and integrated cash drawer or a Bluetooth mobile printer.

All POSiSales reports, like transactions, go to Dropbox for easy accessibility anywhere and the sales report shows line item description, item code, how paid, invoice total, tax collected and profit in spreadsheet format.

To summarise, POSiSales is a low-cost, flexible, pay once solution, so it’s quite affordable, because you start saving significantly in the first year of use.

POSiSales leaves you to focus on growing your business, with the ability to buy more stock for more sales from the monthly fees you aren’t paying.

Drive away - No more to pay Buy POSiSales App for only $699 BUY NOW