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Retail Point of Sale (POS) Systems in Australia

POSiSales (POSi for short) simplifies your retail operations with an intuitive POS software designed for iPad. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, cafe, hair salon, florist, bakery or gym, our point of sale software is the perfect accompaniment for your business.

POSi is a full-featured, compact and clever point of sale system for business. The set-up comprises the POSi app on an iPad, a Bluetooth or LAN printer, a cash drawer and your data runs on the iPad without Internet or Cloud access required! Of-course, POSi on the iPad can be part of your Wi-Fi or ethernet LAN network.

Unlike other standalone POS systems, POSiSales is a one-time purchase. There are no lock-in contracts, no ongoing fees or commission on sales.
POSiSales is cost-effective, compact, fast and reliable. Once in place, this iPad point of sale system blends in to become part of your business.

With Tyro/Mint integration, POSi lets your customers make cashless payments right away. Plus, if you want all your transaction reports stored in the one place, Dropbox integration does this for you.

We have designed the POSi software for fast transactions, ordering and reporting, so customers spend minimal time at the counter. Staff will love its interface, ease of use and hassle-free operation that has no drop-outs as Cloud is not required.

Wireless POSiSales System

Wireless POSiSales System With One Or More Printers

This is our Australian developed contract-free POS App called POSiSales. The POSiSales app on your iPad enables wireless connection to receipt printer(s) and cash drawer(s) with a full-service, feature  laden point-of-sale solution.

Starting @$2357

(incl. POSiSales App, iPad, Cash Drawer, 1 x Wireless Printer, Windfall Security Stand)
Wireless POSiSales System

The Compact POSiSales System

This is our contract-free POS App on iPad called POSiSales that runs on the space-saving mPOP integrated cash drawer and receipt printer measuring only 10 x 10 x 30cm;POSiSales uses Bluetooth to connect to the mPOP.

Starting @ $2487

(Incl. POSiSales App, IPad, MPOP, Windfall Security Stand)
Wireless POSiSales System

The Mobile POSiSales System

This uses the contract free POS App called POSiSales on the iPad and prints via Bluetooth to the small, mobile Zebra battery-powered receipt printer (iMZ320) that you can carry around or even have it belt-mounted, so POSiSales can go anywhere with you.

Starting @ $2067

(incl. POSiSales App, iPad, Zebra Printer)

Wireless POSiSales System

Star Micronics Printers

POSiSales IT carries the complete range of Star Micronics printers and cash drawers. The featured TSP143III WLAN wireless printer is the latest model from Star’s renowned TSP100 Series.

Starting @ $575

(incl. 4 free paper rolls)


The POSiSales app for iPad is a full-service, feature laden point-of-sale solution that offers the fastest POS capability of any other system without locking you into a contract or making monthly or yearly payments in perpetuity

Business Types

Find a smart solution that fits your business.

POSiSales on iPad runs your Cafe

An uncomplicated point-of-sale solution that works in a mobile van Cafe or on the sidewalk is so simple to use, you will catch on in just a few minutes.

POSiSales on iPad can run any cafe, small or large, with either a Bluetooth connection to an mPOP integrated receipt printer and cash drawer or wirelessly to a Star Micronics receipt printer connected to a separate cash drawer.

5 Steps to Get Started

Find a smart solution that fits your business.

  • #1 Step
    Download and install POSiSales on iPad from the App Store.
  • #2 Step
    Setup printers on network and add their IP addresses in POSiSales settings.
  • #3 Step
    Add products manually or by importing a product list spreadsheet from Dropbox.
  • #4 Step
    Change product category printer if there is a different printer for orders.
  • #5 Step
    Edit your business details in settings and setup user accounts. You are now ready to use POSiSales for your business.

Drive away - No more to pay Buy POSiSales App for only $699 BUY NOW

Drive away - No more to pay Buy POSiSales App for only $699 BUY NOW