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  • Kallangur Bowling Club

    Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club has been using POSiSales since 2014. It’s a great place to go bowling, learn bowling, eat and drink at low prices and meet the entertaining members and friendly staff.

  • Lucaffe

    Lucaffe has been using POSiSales since 2015. Lucaffe is an artisan coffee roaster, a significant supplier of coffee in Italy, and now the world. The Lucaffe Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1996 on the

  • H. Mifsud Shipping Ltd (Malta)

    Mifsud Shipping is one of the earliest adopters of POSiSales, which they purchased back in 2013. Mifsud offers containerised shipping services to and from Malta.

  • Contract-Free Point of Sale System POSiSales Keeps Your Business on Track and Saves

    In business, every interaction you have with your customer should be smooth and successful. You want to avoid hiccups, hang-ups, and anything that will make the interaction take longer than it needs to and it

  • Who Does Contract-Free POS?

    Have you been looking for a quality POS system that does not drain your business of costs month to month? Many systems out there require recurring costs and fees, which means you never recover these

  • Weighed down by out-dated POS?

    Lighten your load and increase your bottom line with contract-free POS on iPad No matter what your business is – a restaurant, a café, a club or a gallery – a robust Point of Sale

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