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The POSiSales app for iPad is a contract-free, full-service, feature laden point-of-sale solution that offers the easiest to use POS solution and doesn’t lock you into monthly or yearly payments in perpetuity.

  • Fast Processing

    POSiSales works on the iPad and it’s easy to use when you want to sell stuff fast and easy, be it produce, products and services, tickets to an event or food and drink.

  • Flexible

    Prices of products or/and services can be implemented either excluding or including tax; this allows the application to be compatible with tax systems around the world.

  • The Best Support

    We are always available whenever our client needs support. Give us a call and we will work it out over the phone, via Facetime or email.

  • Multiple Printers

    Each category in POSiSales can be set to print to the IP address of the ethernet printer of your choice for those products in the category. This allows you print to a kitchen or bar printer or to a printer located in the “hole in the wall” area serving coffee to people passing  by.

  • Bluetooth or Wireless

    The POSiSales application on iPad can connect to Star Micronics printers via Bluetooth or Ethernet, just choose the right printer. To access multiple printers use the ethernet printer model TSP143IIILAN.If you want to print via Bluetooth, choose the TSP143IIILANBl model.
    Should you need a battery operated mobile printer, choose the ZEBRA Mobile iMZ320 3″ Printer, USB 4MB with Belt Clip and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Dropbox Integration

    POSiSales uploads daily reports straight to your Dropbox for easy access. View the sales report, invoice line items, GST, profit and payment method in Excel or Numbers to analyse your business. Reports can be sent to Dropbox immediately.

  • Full Reporting

    At the end of the day, reports of invoices and items sold, and time worked by staff can be reported on by sending this information to a Dropbox in CSV format for each iPad in use.

  • Manage Products

    Manage up to 30 products in 40 categories on your Point-of-Sale iPad to quickly find and sell exactly what you’re looking for at all times.

  • Split Bills

    POSiSales now allows customers to split their bills and pay via various methods. No hassle, no time wasted calculating who pays what, POSiSales tells you the split up!

  • Tyro/Mint Integration

    For Australian users, we bring you seamless integration of Tyro EFTPOS with POSiSales allowing your clients to enjoy cashless transactions.

Both Mint Payments and Tyro are EFTPOS machines that are integrated into the POSiSales application; the POSiSales transaction prompts you for the Mint or Tyro device being used so the payment is transmitted into your bank account.

The Mint device seamlessly integrates with POSiSales, it is totally portable, has no lock-in contract, attracts very low fees, provides fast settlement and there’s no need to change your bank.

When you bank with Tyro, your transaction from POSiSales allows the EFTPOS funds to be paid daily when you settle into your Tyro Bank Account.

5 Steps to Get Started

Find a smart solution that fits your business.

  • #1 Step
    Download and install POSiSales on iPad from the App Store.
  • #2 Step
    Setup printers on network and add their IP addresses in POSiSales settings.
  • #3 Step
    Add products manually or by importing a product list spreadsheet from Dropbox.
  • #4 Step
    Change product category printer if there is a different printer for orders.
  • #5 Step
    Edit your business details in settings and setup user accounts. You are now ready to use POSiSales for your business.

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Introduction to POSiSales

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