POS Systems Melbourne

POS Systems in Melbourne

There are still lots of retail owners and managers spending more time than they should inside their administrative cocoon, that makes them feel their work is all consuming. What if you could spare extra hours every day for things you love to do?

POSiSales presents a modern, compact and cost-effective POS solution for Melbourne businesses to help them manage the sales cycle, take orders and accept payments in a snap with minimal effort and electronic reports in Excel format.


Point of Sale Software Melbourne

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or a small retail store, our POSiSales point of sale software speeds up your order & billing operations to save time you can devote to the hospitality side of the business.

We provide an uncomplicated POS software that is so easy to use that you will catch on in minutes. The best part is that POSiSales works on an iPad, giving you the freedom to take orders and accept payments on the move.


Features of POS Systems


Our POSiSales point of sale systems are gaining popularity among businesses across the board. Here’s why:

  • Look up the stored database of 1200 products and sell quickly with just a few selections.
  • Upload invoices and sales reports straight to your Dropbox immediately after the transaction.
  • POSiSales allows customers to split their bills and make payments via credit card or cash.
  • You can send the invoice to multiple receipt printers connected with your iPad
  • No monthly fees or profit share, no contract
  • “Eat In or “To Go” can be designated for any order or left blank
  • User login with password allows time worked by staff to be recorded and sent as a CSV report to Dropbox
  • Till reconciliation shows all sales, how paid, the Till float and balance and the final Till prints on the receipt printer
  • A “Quick Cash” button allows transactions to occur without needing to print a receipt but still records the transaction