POS Systems Perth

POS Systems in Perth

POSiSales is gaining popularity among small businesses for providing a compact, cost-effective alternative to computer-based POS systems that often charge a hefty upfront followed by monthly contractual fees or request a profit share on each and every invoice.

POSiSales changes the way sales and transaction management systems work, not only in terms of functionality but overheads as well, with no contract or royalty fees and no Internet service is mandatory.

POSiSales is an application designed and optimised for the Apple iPad that promises convenience in managing the cash and billing at reception.
Moreover, you can use POSiSales to sell any product from a ticket to enter the gym or yoga class to food and drink, paintings in gallery, sand, soil and flowers from the nursery or florist to a take-away coffee.


Point of Sale Software Perth

POSiSales, in its basic form, comprises the POSiSales application running on an Apple iPad, a modem router to create a private wireless network, a Star Micronics receipt printer and a triggered a cash drawer. This POSiSales purpose built point of sale system is cost effective, reliable and easy to use.

If you don’t need to have multiple printers, then an even simpler system is to use the POSiSales application on the Apple iPad to connect via Bluetooth to an integrated receipt printer and cash drawer from Star Micronics called an mPOP.

Our clients call POSiSales and the relevant hardware a “one-time investment that assures long-term returns”.
The user interface is so simple that you will catch on after minutes of getting hands-on practice. This is also true for anyone who has never operated a POS system before, and those who have, say that it’s saving them money, the entry price is low cost and it’s contract free.


Features of POS Systems


  • Fractional quantity capability
  • Allows customers to split bills
  • Cash flow tracking
  • Exports report to Dropbox
  • Customisable to print to multiple printers
  • Till Reconciliation is included
  • Record work hours and sent as a CSV report to Dropbox
  • Works over a private network; no Internet needed
  • Import of stock code, description, cost and prices via spreadsheet to facilitate easy and fast changes to inventory
  • Integrated mobile Zebra battery powered receipt printer to print the invoices via Bluetooth
  • One-time payment; no monthly contract fees
  • You can print to multiple receipt printers