Weighed down by out-dated POS?

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Lighten your load and increase your bottom line with contract-free POS on iPad

No matter what your business is – a restaurant, a café, a club or a gallery – a robust Point of Sale (POS) system can be quite handy. After all, POS helps you maintain your inventory, customise orders, organise your invoices, and even print receipts on the go. In a nutshell, POS boosts the efficiency of your operations, sales and admin teams to cater for your customers just the way they like it.

And you, the owner, saves the monthly fees and commissions other POS providers charge, in perpetuity, because our POSiSales app is contract-free, drive away, no more to pay.

Moreover, an outdated cash register or POS system can make business painfully slower and cumbersome that also hinders customer satisfaction.
Why persevere when you can simply upgrade to POSiSales on an iPad that’s built on the KISS principle, and helps run your business better?

POSiSales App for iPad

Considering an upgrade to the way you do business? Check out the features of our easy to install and even easier to use app for iPad. POSiSales will simplify your retail operations and make it more cost-effective, saving you, on average, contract fees of $70 to $100 per month that other POS companies charge.

And POSiSales can address multiple Star Micronics printers wirelessly (e.g. stockroom, reception, kitchen, bar, take-way area, wait area with ticket requirement) or you can print to an individual Bluetooth printer, even one that features both a printer and integrated cash drawer or a Bluetooth mobile printer.

All POSiSales reports, like transactions, go to Dropbox for easy accessibility anywhere and the sales report shows line item description, item code, how paid, invoice total, tax collected and profit in spreadsheet format.

To summarise, POSiSales is a low-cost, flexible, pay once solution, so it’s quite affordable, because you start saving significantly in the first year of use.

POSiSales leaves you to focus on growing your business, with the ability to buy more stock for more sales from the monthly fees you aren’t paying.

Who Does Contract-Free POS?

Have you been looking for a quality POS system that does not drain your business of costs month to month? Many systems out there require recurring costs and fees, which means you never recover these ongoing expenses. A better solution is to find a system that you can purchase once and enjoy forever. That system is POSiSales.

It’s an app that runs only on iPads, but links easily to commonly used business POS devices like cash drawers and printers. Specifically, Star Micronics printers, all-in-one mPOP cash drawer and printer and the ZEBRA mobile printer are supported. And you can run multiple discrete iPads with the POSiSales app, with each iPad printing to the same printer(s) over a wireless network or Ethernet local area network.

And reports from each iPad can go to the same or a different Dropbox.

POSiSales can be setup to work for one account, but on different iPads located in various locations in your establishment. Think different POS locations. Each product category or service sold can be setup to print to a specific printer, as needed. If you were in a home improvement store, let’s say, then the POS system in the gardening area would be linked to the printer in that zone. POS in the plumbing area would print there, and so on. Same goes for restaurants or any other business that may have different printers for different POS locations.

Contract-Free Point of Sale System POSiSales Keeps Your Business on Track and Saves

In business, every interaction you have with your customer should be smooth and successful. You want to avoid hiccups, hang-ups, and anything that will make the interaction take longer than it needs to and it should be easily trackable, to help you run your business. Business owners know that a well-defined point of sale (POS) solution is essential to keeping businesses humming, allowing for quick customer orders, checkouts and also enable business analytics by collection information you need now and into the future.

POSiSales is one such app. It provides a point of sale solution to businesses in just about any space, allowing for the ability to customize your order taking workflow, order filling, a customer database, payment customizations, tax management and reports. POSiSales runs on the iPad, so startup costs are not outrageous and you don’t have bulky machines taking up counter space.

On the business side of things, retailers can easily keep track of services and products they offer and sell. This could be cleaning services, gardening services, home maintenance, massage therapy, salon services, restaurants, gift shops, and so much more. POSiSales allows the retailer to easily upload information about what they sell, along with any detailed information about those products and/or services. The interface to enter this information is very straightforward and easy to use and it allows you to edit as needed. Products and services can be classified into categories based on the retailer’s preference on groupings.



Lucaffe has been using POSiSales since 2015.

Lucaffe is an artisan coffee roaster, a significant supplier of coffee in Italy, and now the world.

The Lucaffe Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda.

Lucaffe distributes one of the world’s great coffees here in Australia.

Kallangur Bowling Club

Kallangur Bowling Club

Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club has been using POSiSales since 2014.

It’s a great place to go bowling, learn bowling, eat and drink at low prices and meet the entertaining members and friendly staff.